Bobcat stalking prey | Bobcat Wildlife Safari

I do a variety of photography-oriented shows tailored to the specifications of whichever club or organization I'm presenting to.  The shows can vary in length from 1 to 4 hours.  I illustrate the shows with about 150 photos per hour of show, and talk tactics and techniques over the top of the images.

Currently Available Shows

Wildlife Shows    Yellowstone and Teton Wildlife Locations and Tactics
    California Wildlife Locations and Tactics
    Predator Photography Tactics
    Bird Photography Tactics
    Bobcat Photography
Landscape Shows    Photographing California Landscapes
    Photographing Utah and Colorado Landscapes
    Professional Techniques in Landscape Photography
Business of Photography    Creating a Business Model to Succeed in Photography

Adobe Photoshop Skills

  Basic Photoshop Skills for Photographers
    Graphic Design at it applies to Portraiture and Websites
    Image Workflow using ActionsS
    Professional Retouching Skills

The shows are meant to highlight wildlife photography field tactics and techniques.  I also do shows that focus on Image Processing via Photoshop, Image Management, and the Business of Photography overall.  If you have club by-laws and a budget for paying presenters then I accept whatever that amount is, otherwise the shows are free.  Also, you are free to record the shows if I'm presenting over Zoom.

My background includes writing Image/Photo Packages, Freelance Magazine Submissions, Portrait Studio Management Skills, leading Photo Safaris in the American West, Fine Art Photo Sales, and Generating Commercial Photography Income.

I've had 18 Magazine Covers, 1600+ Magazine/Newspaper Photo Credits, 35 Published Articles, and 40 years as a Professional Photographer and Safari Guide. I've shot more than 800 weddings, and have had thousands of family/portrait clients, and hundreds of commercial and government clients.  You can see some of my published work here - LINK.

Camera Clubs (CC)    Audubon Groups (AS)    Sierra Club (SC)
Boise (ID) CC Billings (MT) CC Ventura (CA) AS
Cleveland (OH) Photo Society Fresno (CA) CC Film Pack (WA) CC
Great Falls (MT) CC Greater Cincinnati (OH) CC Landsdale (PA) CC
New Orleans (LA) CC Nevada County (CA) CC Olympia (WA) CC
Panorama (WA) CC Pilchuck (WA) CC Puget Sound (WA) CC
Trinity (TX) CC St. Vrain (CO) CC Rainier Hills (WA) CC
Upper Marion (PA) CC LA County (CA) CC Santa Clara (CA) CC
Peninsula (CA) CC Morgan Hill (CA) CC Laguna Woods (CA) CC
Mission Viejo (CA) CC Kern (CA) AS Sierra Foothills (CA) AS
Golden Gate (CA) AS Santa Barbara (CA) AS Yosemite (CA) AS
Yokuts (CA) SC Thousand Oaks (CA) CC Friday Foto Fanatics (CA)
Housatonic (CT) CC Highway 101 (CA) CC Lancaster (CA) CC
Madera (CA) CC S4C (CA) SO PSA Chapter Redlands (CA) CC
Monterey (CA) AS Sequoia (CA) AS Santa Clara Valley (CA) AS
Mt. Diablo (CA) AS Canejo Valley (CA) AS Altacal (CA) AS
Plumas (CA) AS Modesto (CA) AS Valley (CA) Photo Club
Rancho Cucamonga (CA) CC Los Angeles SC (CA) Retzer Nature Center (WI) CC
Vietnamese Photo Soc. (FL) Garden Photo Society (IL) Coral Springs CC (FL)
Grand Rapids (WI) CC Los Alamos (NM) CC Manhattan Miniature CC (NY)

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