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Release for Wedding Announcements

There are two kinds of announcements:
1.  If you intend on using the photo as part of the announcement, such as a picture with the text printed on by the announcement printing company - then I release the copyright to you at no charge.
2.  If you intend on placing a picture inside your printed announcements, called inserts, then those would be ordered through me.  Quantity orders in color, black-and-white, and sepia toned inserts can be ordered with an approximate turn-around time of 2-3 working days.  Prices vary by quantity.

Release for Newspapers, Scanning and Printing

A Copyright Release is free for newspaper announcement publication.
Scanning proofs for use as personal wallpaper or to be e-mailed to distant family members for the purpose of providing a visual example of the print to facilitate a print order is permitted with verbal permission only.  Enlargements are not to be scanned or copied and to do so is copyright infringement.
Scanning proofs or enlargements for the purpose of printing or distributing them in anyway is copyright infringement and strictly prohibited.  Illegal copying and printing of enlargements is no different than stealing from me and denying me the opportunity to make a fair living from my photography.

Release for Stock Images to Magazines or other Media outlets

Media Copyright Releases for image use are available upon request and payment of the required usage fee.  Usage fees are determined by type of use, area of use, and multiple use needs.  Upon commission payment the required release will be granted either through e-mail notification or as part of a submission of images.

Release with Purchase of Negatives

After 12 months, which is generally considered the commercial value of portrait images, you may purchase the negatives or digital files for $1 per negative/file plus shipping/handling and sales tax.  The reproduction rights are then released to you and you may store, print, or distribute the images in any way.  The ability to purchase your negatives is important to future generations and as a method of keeping family histories and archives. However, even with your purchase, I still retain the original copyright and can use those image for business advertising purposes.

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