Forest Service Roads in the San Juan Mountains | Colorado Fall Landscape Safari

This list could never be complete.  It's just my list ... Not all items are needed all the time, those with a * I always carry. 

Camera Equipment   Support Equipment
Camera Bags, Hard Cases, Photo Vest, Backpack  
     Think Tank Shoulder Bag
     Tundra Hard Case w/extra bodies, radios, etc.
     Tundra Hard Case w/flashes, commander unit, etc
     Eddie Bauer Photo Vest *
Bear Mace / Emergency Whistle *

Camera Bodies and Lenses

     Two FX sensor Nikon bodies (Z9, D850) *
     Three zoom lenses * (18-36, 24-120, 70-200)
     Two telephoto lenses * (105 f2.8 mac,
     500 PF f5.6)

     Two extra Swiss-Arca release plates *
     Induro CLT 303 Carbon Fiber Tripod
     w/Wimberley Head *
     Induro CLM 304L Carbon Fiber Monopod
     w/BHL-2 Head*
Induro aluminum 405 Tripod w/Indura BHL-3
     Ballhead *
Induro spiked tripod feet for icy conditions

Lowepro Camera Bag Items

     Manuals for all equipment in PDF's on iPhone
     Nikon SB-800 Flash *  
     Nikon SB-600 (3) Flashes
     Nikon SU-800 IR Trigger
     MC-36 Remote Control *
     Sekonic L-508 Light Meter
     Polarizing filters and ND filters *
     Extra AA/AAA/CR123 Batteries  Cokin filters
     Camera Digital Sensor Cleaners *  
     Lens cleaning supplies *
     2 Sony Tough 256 XQD Cards *
     2 Lexar Pro 128 Gb Cards *
     Tool Kit * / Crescent Wrench * / Tripod Wrench *
 Hex (Allen) wrenches for all equipment *
     Extra Food, candy & Ibuprofen and no-doze pills *
Mosquito Repellent Spray and Wipes
Laptop Computer Case and Accessories*
     XOTIC Laptop Computer, power cables,
     USB cables
     2 TB USB 3  external hard-drive for downloads
     Mouse and pad   9' HDMI Cable
     20' extension cord and Power Strip with 6 outlets*
     Camera Battery Chargers  
     Midland Radios Battery Chargers or batteries

Extra Clothing

     Mechanix Shooting Gloves (Lowe's) *
     Tennis shoes and socks (travel comfort)
     Extra layered clothing & rain/snow overcoat *
     Hat *, sunglasses *, sunscreen *, chapstick * 
     Extra glasses *
     Merrill Tactical Boots*   Sorel Snow Boots

Photography Support Equipment
     4-Midland two-way radios
     Plumber's Knee Pads
Bean BagRifle Rest *
Yak Tracks for icy conditions
     Hip Waders    Snowshoes
     Binoculars (8x42) *  
     Local topographical maps/road maps *
     Can of Compressed Air *

Car Storage Unit and Personal Items
     Car battery jumper cables *   
Tow hitch and receiver *
     Car 20' pull straps (2) and come-a-long winch *
     Folding shovel (army) *    Flares and First Aid Kit *
     Heavy leather gloves *   Heavy sheath knife
     Run-all Flat Repair *
     3 One Gallon Water containers *
     Medium Blanket *  Sleeping Bag *  Extra car keys *
     Extra Towels and Rags *
     Cell Phone & Folding Knife *
 National Park Pass *

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