Rusted Antique Vehicle in Bodie State Park | Eastern Sierras Summer Safari

These are the notes I created for the photography classes I used to teach through 22 different cities Park and Recreation Departments - Adult Classes - here in California.  They are in PDF format and will take a few seconds to download into a new window.  If they won't load into a window, look for them in your downloads folder.  You are welcome to copy them and/or print them out.  They are for education purposes only, please do not include excerpts or quotes in your writings without written permission from me.  These were created in 2010-2015, so some material could be out-of-date.
The Business of Photography   Download Link
Image Processing with Photoshop   Download Link
Photoshop Shortcuts Diagram   Download Link
Beginning Digital Photography   Download Link
Intermediate Digital Photography   Download Link
Photography Definitions   Download Link
Wildlife Photography   Download Link

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