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Gift Certificates for Photo Safaris
are the perfect gift during the holiday season, or anytime throughout the year.  With the gift certificate you receive a letter/certificate for that particular safari, which is transferable to any other safari as well.  If it's for a single day safari it can be applied towards a multiple day safari.  If the person receiving the gift certificate has participated in other safaris with me, there is a 20% discount on any one day or multiple day safari.

Safaris can be paid for over the phone via credit card, or by check.  Turn-around time is one day if I'm not in the field shooting, in that case it will be sent when I return.  All I need is the person's name, e-mail, phone, and the city/state they live in, and the buyer's phone and e-mail.  One day safaris are $200 for the first trip, $160 for past participants.  Multiple day safaris are $250/day for the first trip, $200 for past participants.

Photo Safaris are the best way to really learn photography.  Most folks have never dedicated a full day to only photography, the search for great subjects - and that is when you learn to start seeing - and that is when you can take great strides in your photography skills.

Call me now to purchase a Gift Certificate for a Photo Safari for a friend or loved one that wants to push their photography abilities to the next level.  E-mail me if you want to request more information about a particular safari. There are no refunds for gift certificates, neither do they ever expire.

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