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Hyperfocal Distance is the point at which you focus your camera to achieve the maximum amount of depth-of-field (dof) in an image at a particular aperture (f-stop) setting with a particular lens setting.   This technique to achieving maximum dof is particularly useful in photographing landscape images. For the sake of being brief, I've used the hyperfocal distance program found at DOFMaster.com (a free program you can download) to calculate these distances.  Recently, I downloaded an i-Phone app that calculates the hyperfocal distance as well, for just a couple of dollars.

I created a small laminated card with the hyperfocal distances on it for my usual landscape lenses - and just carry it in my vest when I'm in the field ... the
i-Phone app is my backup.  These numbers are for full-sensor (FX) cameras.  For cameras that have a sensor crop factor (DX) you need to multiply your lens by that factor.  For example, a 24mm lens would be a 36mm (24mm x 1.5) on my Nikon D7200 - so calculate accordingly.
Lens Position Aperture (F-stop) Hyperfocal Distances
21mm F22 Focus at 2'-3" and everything from 1'-2" to Infinity is in focus.
  F16 Focus at 3'-2" and everything from 1'-7" to Infinity is in focus.
  F11 Focus at 4'-4" and everything from 2'-2" to Infinity is in focus.
24mm F22 Focus at 2'-11" and everything from 1'-6" to Infinity is in focus.
  F16 Focus at 4' and everything from 2' to Infinity is in focus.
  F11 Focus at 5'-7" and everything from 2'-10" to Infinity is in focus.

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