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Educational PDF Files

The PDF files are step-by-step mini-books, averaging about 40-45 pages each, that detail the subject material in a clear and easy narrative.

Lots of beautiful images also illustrate the different concepts being explained.  Simple, clear, and inexpensive.

The two free files can be downloaded automatically - while the $4 PDF's take you to a Storefront Page for payment, then easy downloading. Just e-mail me if you have any problems.

These Two Files - Free Photo Definitions PDF

Photoshop Actions File
These PDF's are $4
Beginning Photography
Intermediate Photography
Digital Image Processing
Wildlife Photography
The Business of Photography

If you would like to purchase all 5 of
these PDF Files the bargain price is $15 - just e-mail me and I will e-mail them
to you directly, pay via a credit card,
check, or PayPal at my e-mail address.



The book's link will take you to the AMAZON Book site for purchase of this book, for $9.99 - the book is 68 pages long with over 50 images.  If you don't want the epub version or the Kindle version from AMAZON, you can purchase a PDF version from me directly for the same price, plus sales tax.


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