Sunrise in winter Sequoias | Sequoia Winter Landscape Safari

Privacy Policy
■  All physical and e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and payment information is not distributed in any way, at any time, to anyone outside my business. If you receive a newsletter from me you can cancel at anytime via the Unsubscribe link on the email or by emailing me a request to Unsubscribe.

Deposit Requirements

■  All safaris and seminars require payment of a deposit to hold that particular date or safari for the participant.  You are officially signed-up once I have notified you of an available spot, and a deposit is received.  Deposits can be made in the form of check (sent to me), credit card (call me), Paypal Transfer (via my email address), or direct bank transfer (call me for information).  If the safari you are signing up for is within 3 months, then full-payment is required at the time of booking.  Optionally, you can pay the full amount if you wish when you book a safari or seminar.

■  The final payment for multiple day safaris is due half way between the deposit date and the safari date.  For example, if you put down a deposit on January 1 for a safari in July, the final payment is due by April 1.  I will email you a request for any final payment involving the use of a credit card.

Photo Safari Cancellations

■  Single-day photo safari deposit refunds are available prior to the final payment.  There are no refunds after the final payment, or if the safari is sold out - but a credit is issued for the full amount and this can be applied to any future safari. If I can replace you on that sold out safari, then a full refund is given, less credit card fees.  There are no fees from me for canceling a safari or changing safari dates, other than the credit card company or PayPal fees associated with your payments.

■  For cancellations on multiple-day safaris, a refund is available when your spot on the safari is rebooked. If the spot is not rebooked then a credit is issued for the full amount you paid and can be used anytime in the future.  Again, there are no cancellation fees for canceling a safari or for changing to a different safari date. If a safari is canceled for any reason (Act of God, Government Closures, Pandemic, etc) then a credit is issued for the full amount paid and can be applied to a safari in the future. That credit can also be assigned to another person for their use.  The only fees retained are the credit card or PayPal fees charged for your payment.

■  For your financial protection, I advise you to seek out Travel Insurance for unanticipated costs associated with cancellations, especially on the longer, more expensive safaris. 

Inclement Weather

■  If there is inclement weather on the date of a one day safari that curtails our photography for more than half the day, a credit for 50% of the one-day fee you paid is given for a future safari.  Weather is part of shooting in nature, and no refunds or credits are given for bad weather on multiple day photo safaris. Sometimes my best photos have come during weather events.  If I feel that our photography opportunities have been reduced due to weather then I could issue a credit of 1 day at my discretion.

■  These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.  Please call if you have a question regarding any of these terms and conditions or if you have a question concerning any other business practice.


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