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1.  There is no charge for portrait reshoots.  If inclement weather forces a postponement, I will reshoot your sitting for free as soon as a mutually acceptable date and time is scheduled.

2.  All enlargement orders will be paid for at the time of the order.  Since I provide digital proofs to each client, any changes from the proofs must be requested at the time the print order is made.  Retouching can improve the quality of an enlargement but it must be ordered and paid for (if needed) at the time of the print order.  I guarantee the quality of the printed enlargements and will have them redone at no charge if they are not printed as expected, considering the proofs and retouching requests.  Enlargements that are printed, then refused will not be redone or refunded.

3.  Cancellation of Portrait Packages will receive a refund as follows: if cancelled within 14 days of booking and at least 14 days prior to the event, 100% will be refunded.  If cancelled after 14 days or within 14 days of the event, a 50% Cancellation fee will be applied and the balance refunded.  There is no Cancellation fee if the client would prefer to have a credit issued that can be applied towards a future photographic event.

4.  In the event of my inability to photograph a planned event due to sickness or accident, another photographer will be hired by me,  if possible, in order to complete the photographic event.  If another photographer can't be hired, a full refund for that specific event will be made to the client or a credit will be issued, whichever the client prefers. 

5.  Free family sittings awarded from drawings or as part of wedding packages never expire.  Gift certificates do not expire.
6.  Negatives and Digital Files remain the property of Brent R Paull.  The images may be used in advertising or other promotional materials that represent the style of photography in which they were shot even after the client has purchased the negatives or files.  They may be used in advertising, brochures, website display, or for other promotional uses.  Brent R Paull has the legal right to use these images for advertising purposes in perpetuity or until Brent R Paull relinquishes that right.  Any payment made by a client or their family to Brent R Paull or American West Photography acknowledges these terms and conditions and agrees to them.

7.  It is my prerogative, as the photographer, to decide which photography format best applies to a given photographic event.

.  I will usually offer to sell the negatives/digital files to a client after 12-18 months depending on the type of photography event.  I contact the client via mail or phone to their last known address or phone number, or to a contact address if one has been given, such as a parent.  After two attempts to offer the images to the client the images my be discarded through shredding or deletion.  Please contact me directly if you decide you would like to purchase these images in the future after the time limit has expired so I can get permanent contact information.

Photo Safaris

9.  Photo safari deposit refunds are available prior to the final payment.  There are no refunds after that, or if the safari is sold out, but a credit is issued for the full amount and this can be applied to a future safari. If I can replace you on that sold out safari, then a full refund is given.  If there is inclement weather on the date of a one day safari that curtails our photography for more than half the day, a new safari date will be provided or a credit for 50% of the one-day fee given for a future safari.  Weather is part of shooting in nature, and no refunds or credits are given for bad weather on multiple day photo safaris. There are no fees for cancellation or switching photo safaris.
10. All e-mail addresses, mailing and phone number info, and payment information is not sold or distributed in any way, at any time.

11. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.  Please call if you have a question regarding any of these terms and conditions or if you have a question concerning any business practice.  1-

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