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All types of retouching are possible in digital photography.  The list below are just some of the most
common retouching issues, but nearly anything can be done today.
Enhancements Description


Blemishes, acne, hair, background objects, and closed eyes

Probably the most common retouching problem that all ages suffer from.  Your complete face is restored to a normal state, also scars, bruises, and rough skin can be eliminated if desired.

Head Change A common problem in large family photo shoots is that the best frame might have a child looking away.  Replacing the child's head from another frame is the best way to "perfect" the image and improve picture quality. 
Person Insertion Another common problem with some families is the missing child due to military service, a church mission, or living out of the area.  I can either take them from an existing print or negative, or photograph them separately and insert them into the enlargement so your whole family is represented in the final printed image.  Lighting and the quality of the existing negative or print has a great deal to do with how natural the final print will look.
Body Corrections This includes eliminating braces, body shaping, or correcting clothing problems such as changing colors of clothes, eliminating wrinkles, etc.
Black-and-White Conversion
Color/BW Mix Images
Converting a color image to a black-and-white image suitable for enlargement printing.

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