The following are testimonials are from past participants of my photography classes and safaris.  Some of these folks have gone to just a single seminar, just a single 1 day workshop, while some have gone to a number of seminars and on many multiple day safaris.  My efforts have always been to make these events a great photographic experience for those who attend. 

Whether it is using their equipment properly, composition, positioning, woodcraft, animalcraft, or just getting out and shooting - these comments say it all about my philosophy during seminars, workshops, and safaris.  While we are out their to capture incredible images, it is also the experience of being out in nature and photographing these moments that many people value.  Many photographers have never gone out and shot for a full day - finding their rhythm and really taking the time to see the world around them - dedicating themselves to looking and finding subjects.  That is the type of experience that I value myself, and try to instill in my safari attendees in their experiences.  BRP

Colorado Fall Safari

"Brent's seminars really helped me get a grasp on how to use my camera and what techniques to use in different situations.  His safaris helped me take my photography to the next level.  The hands on experience of a safari is wonderful and I truly learned a lot.  I now feel confident when I pick up my camera that I know what the settings need to be in order to capture the best image that I can.  Starting from scratch as a photographer I am so glad that I found Brent and was able to have these amazing learning experiences through him."

Kelley S.
Lemoore, California


Italian Bobcat Safari
"Just got home from my third trip with you and I had to write to thank you for the most memorable experience I have ever had behind a camera. The bears and elk of Yellowstone were fabulous but the wolves you put us on on the last day of the trip were something I will never forget. And I have the pictures to prove it!  Anyway, you are the best and I hope to go on another trip with you soon."
Jim H.
Eden, Utah

Black Bear Safari
"I am a wildlife photographer from Laredo, Texas, and recently went with Brent Paull on a photo safari to  Yellowstone and Tetons parks.  Brent spent all day, every day, using his familiarity with the locations, to put us on some great photo opportunities.  During this process, I got some priceless images of two Bull Elk fighting, and a great Grizzly Bear, among other great animals and scenics. He was always ready to answer questions or give great advice.  This experience was worth much, much more, than I expected. We will be close friends from now on."

Butch R.
Laredo, Texas

Southern Utah Safari
"I have had the pleasure of working with Brent on several occasions in workshops and safaris.  The last safari that I took with him was into the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.  It was a great day in which we went to several places to shoot the landscape and flowers of the area.  Brent really knows his stuff and is able to get significant ideas and concepts across in a pleasant and direct manner.  He is good at helping you to understand what you are looking at and then letting you decide how and what to shoot.  This was important to me because it allowed me to have my own eye as to the shots. I highly recommend Brent for both his safaris and his workshops.  He is top notch."
Michael G.
Tulare, California

Morongo Valley Bird Safari
"Brent Paull is a professional in the total sense of the word.  On his safaris he is out there for his clients.  You can use his equipment, use him to help set up shots, or just pick his brain ...  he will never lose patience with you.  He wants you to go away feeling better about your photography skills.  He can work with a straight beginner to someone that has enough knowledge to be dangerous.  He has a large geographical database in his head.  He WILL always find great places to shoot.  You will be impressed.  I was!  Whether you are a first timer or just want to get away and shoot Brent is the perfect compliment to whatever it is you are looking for in a photo safari.  The cost is nothing. Photography can be a very solitary hobby but it is so much better to be able to have someone there to help you improve and critique. I highly recommend him!"

Jason G
Bakersfield, California

Sequoia Safari

“Working with Brent has improved my photography more than anything else I’ve ever done.  No manuals, no DVDs, no websites come close to having Brent demonstrate with his equipment, assist me with my equipment and then share his many years of professional experience to evaluate my images - then make suggestions for improvement.  His safaris are worth their low price just for his familiarity with beautiful sites and animal habitats but also since he shares his technical expertise and artistic composition skills they become the best value out there.  You’ll never regret the time you spend with Brent!"

Steve G.
Providence, Utah

Bob in Tomcat Clover

"I purchased the Canon 55-250 IS zoom lens as you advised. The results are fantastic. I am able now to play with the long zooms like I used to with my old Panasonic super zoom and a lot more. The pictures are more crisp and detailed. Anyway, you have a good summer and again thanks for your advice."

Tak C.
Tampa Bay, Florida

Allen and Muley Buck

"The photo safari with Brent was outstanding.  We were able to experience first hand the techniques a professional photographer uses out in the field.  His equipment is top notch.  The cost is minimal considering the amount of time that Brent spent with us. The safari was informative and fun.  The class has helped us produce outstanding photographs on our own."

Rory & Jennifer S.
Sanger, California

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