Rolling Ocean Wave | Monterey-Big Sur Landscape Safari
Some of these movies are linked to my account on YouTube to facilitate and speed up their viewing, while others are Photoshop training videos I have created.  When you click the link a new window will open in your browser for you to watch the video in.  I hope you enjoy them!
Photoshop Training Videos Nature Shows
Creating a Workspace
5 Minutes
Correcting White Balance
6 Minutes
Creating Actions
5 Minutes



Yellowstone Show
6 Minutes 30 Seconds
Sequoia Black Bears
9 Minutes
Colorado Show
5 Minutes 54 Seconds

Bobcat Show
7 Minutes 13 Seconds

Bosque del Apache Blast-off
5 Minutes

Red Fox Relaxing
52 Seconds

Sea Otter Mom/Pup
3 Minute 30 Seconds
Snowshoe Hare
1 Minute 6 Seconds
Sooty Grouse & Young
58 Seconds
Robin eating Berries
58 Seconds
Geese at Merced NWR
1 Minute 55 Seconds
Badger Encounter
2 Minutes 5 Seconds
Black Foxes of San Juan Island
4 Minutes 56 Seconds
Informational Videos & Articles

Cleaning Digital Sensors




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