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These Videos and Clips are linked to my account on YouTube to facilitate and speed up their viewing,
without the delay of having to download large video files. When you click the link a new window
will open, linked to YouTube, with the video ready to watch.  Enjoy!

Title Description


Yellowstone Show

This video shows both video and still images from the
three seasons that I shoot in Yellowstone National Park:
Spring, Fall, and Winter

6 Minutes - 30 Seconds



Bobcat Show

This video highlights images of bobcats taken on
safaris over the past several years


5 Minutes



Snowshoe Hare

This short video was taken by Gary Kunkel in Yellowstone, spring 2016, and shows me and Jed Packer photographing
a snowshoe hare we found near Fishing Bridge.

1 Minute - 6 Seconds


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