hoto safaris are actual hands-on, in the field, photography experiences. Photo safaris build practical experience by applying traditional photo skills or building on the skills you already have.  There is no better way to learn photography than to have your composition, exposure, and creative ideas tweaked and improved in the field while shooting with a professional photographer.  The photo safaris bring two dimensional classroom ideas into three dimensional reality, and help you produce uniquely beautiful, personal images.  Check for information, or availability, by e-mailing me at BrentRPaull@hotmail.com or by calling me at 559-909-5208.

              Transportation for the safaris is required, though you might be able to travel with me, or others, and split gas.  For bobcats you travel with me.
  Most safaris are limited to 6-8 photographers, though bobcat safaris are limited to 3.
  On regional multiple day safaris we rotate purchasing tanks of gas for those traveling with me. Hotel info available at time of sign-up.
  Get at least 3 photographers together for a Custom Safari - there is a group 25% discount.
  These are not physically difficult safaris, and I consider them senior friendly.
  Pre-register for the safaris as numbers are limited, early registration guarantees you a spot.
  Check out my Field Trip Checklist for possible items to bring, some items are seasonal.
  Also, check out the Terms-Conditions Page to review cancellation policies, privacy policy, and risks associated with nature/wildlife photography.
  Also, I recommend you get Trip Insurance to cover any unexpected cancellations on the longer safaris.

       Registering for a Photo Safari requires either a deposit, or full payment, by credit card, PayPal, or via check. Call me at 559-909-5208.

  Checks, Visa/MC/AX credit cards are accepted as payment.
  You can also pay with PayPal at BrentRPaull@hotmail.com
               Safaris within 3 months of sign-up require full payment. More than 3 months away can be booked with a 50% Deposit, balance due halfway to safari date.
               View Safari Testimonials Page.

A Difficulty Level is assigned to each safari:
EASY A little walking, no hiking, nothing strenuous.
MODERATE More walking, very little hiking, a little strenuous.
DIFFICULT Lots of hiking, strenuous.
2021 Safari Schedule
12 Butterbredt Springs Safari   Monday, April 12   $200
14 So California Bird Safari   Wednesday, April 14   $250
16 Coast Wildlife Safari   Friday, April 16   $250
20 Butterbredt Springs Safari   Tuesday, April 20   $200
29 Morongo Bird Safari   Thursday, April 29-May 1  $500  1 Openings
19 Black Bear Safari   Wednesday, May 19   $300
23-28 Yellowstone/Grand Teton Spring Safari  Sunday, May 23-28  $1800  SOLD OUT
1-6 Yellowstone/Grand Teton Spring Safari  Tuesday, June 1-6  $1800  SOLD OUT
11 Black Bear Safari   Friday, June 11   $300
13 Peregrine Falcon Safari   Sunday, June 13  $250
16 Black Bear Safari   Wednesday, June 16   $300
17 Black Bear Safari   Thursday, June 17   $300
27 Peregrine Falcon Safari   Sunday, June 27  $250
28 Sequoia Wildflowers, Butterflies, and Birds  Monday, June 28  $200
1 Black Bear Safari   Thursday, July 1   $300
7-8 Snowy Plover/California Least Tern Safari   Wednesday, July 7-8  $500
14 Black Bear Safari   Wednesday, July 14   $300
19 Sequoia Wildflowers, Butterflies, and Birds  Monday, July 19  $200
20 Black Bear Safari   Tuesday, July 20   $300
27-31 Glacier National Park Safari   Tuesday, July 27-30   $1200
5 Black Bear Safari   Thursday, August 5   $300
6 Black Bear Safari   Friday, August 6   $300
24-28 Mt. Evans/Rocky Mtn National Park Safari   Tuesday, August 24-28   $1500
20-21 2-day Bobcat Safari   Monday, September, 20-21   $600
25-29 Colorado San Juan Mtns Fall Landscape Safari   Saturday, September 25-29   $1500
6-12 Yellowstone-Tetons Fall Wildlife Safari   Wednesday, October 6 - 12  $2100
18-19 2-day Bobcat Safari   Monday, October 18-19   $600   1 Opening
20 Yosemite Fall Landscape Safari  Wednesday, October 20  $250
21 Mineral King (Sequoia) Safari   Thursday, October 21   $250
26-30 Southern Utah Fall Landscape Safari  Tuesday, October 26-30   $1500
15-16 2-day Bobcat Safari   Monday, November 15-16   $600
13-15 Bosque del Apache Bird Safari   Monday, December 13-15  $750
20-21 2-day Bobcat Safari   Monday, December 20-21   $600
All Safaris and dates are subject to change without notice.


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