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Bodie Ghost Town/Eastern Sierras Safari               Monday, June 25-26  $500  ($400)

Summer is a green time of the season along the spine of the eastern Sierras.  Besides the main location shoot at the ghost town of Bodie, other locations will include Mono Lake, the Twin Lakes, and Lundy Lake for landscapes and wildflowers.  Bodie State Historical Park is one of the best preserved gold mining ghost towns in the American West.  Founded in 1859, with a population of 10,000 at one time, the remaining buildings that weren't burned in town fires are kept in a state of "arrested decay".  The old cemetery, Methodist Church, period homes like the Donnelly house and Cain house, as well as dry goods stores, the city jail, firehouse, and others ... with much of their interior decorations remaining ... make for a fascinating photography expedition.  There is some short distance walking involved with this safari, especially at Bodie, but it is not excessive. We shoot the lakes and foothills of the eastern Sierras, including the Mono Lake area.


We meet in Bridgeport, California on Highway 395.  While this is usually a warm time of the year, mornings can be chilly so layered clothing is essential.  I will have some room reservations available.

Downtown Bodie Buildings

circa '20's Coupe

Methodist Church

Rear View of Buildings

California Gull eating Alkali Flies
at Mono Lake

Buildings in Bodie

Downtown Bodie Building

Fire Department

Old Ore Car

Methodist Church in Bodie

Mono Lake Tufa

Building in Bodie

Old Vehicles in Bodie

Old Mine Buildings in Bodie

Wagon Wheel in Bodie

Mono Lake Tufa

Old Bodie Machinery

California Gull eating Alkali Flies

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