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Glacier National Park Safari                          Sunday, July 28 - 31   $1200  ($960)

Our safari in August of 2016 was amazing, not only did we have far more wildlife encounters than I thought we would have, but the landscapes and wildflowers were breathtaking.  Each day we travel to different sections of the park - the Polebridge Road to Bowman Lake, Going-to-the-Sun Highway, the Many Glacier area, Lake McDonald and the Flathead River.  It seemed like everyday we had every kind of weather - sprinkles, cloudy to the ground, blue skies, etc. We encountered the park's famous Rocky Mountain Goats, grizzly bears, white-tailed does, fawns, and bucks - as well as black bears and numerous bird species, like Cedar Waxwings.  The summer traffic was steady, but manageable - kind of like Yellowstone traffic without the bison jams.  Come expecting to shoot a lot of images.


We meet in Columbia Falls, Montana just outside the southwest entrance to Glacier, just north of Kalispell on Sunday night, August 13. I can take three photographers with me, in my truck, for those that book early enough.

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