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Bird Photography is about Action in Interaction: Owls and Songbirds

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These great horned owls have been fun to photograph for the past decade.  With a nest located in a grove of Cottonwood Trees, the owls live above a two acre size opening that provides perches, cover, and prey for there growing family.  Sometimes we have fledglings in the nest, sometimes not.

While at this location there will be opportunities to photograph a multitude of songbirds as they travel to their breeding destinations.  There is a very small pond fed by a drip line with cattails and cottonwoods around it that act like a magnet for birds.  I've shot more than 40 different kinds of songbirds - from Cedar Waxwings to  Townsend's Warblers.

To ride with me we meet at 5am at my home if you are coming from the north, or 6am in Bakersfield, or 7am in Mohave, for the drive into the mountains on the eastern side of the Sierras.  The Butterbredt Springs location is approximately 30 miles north of Mohave.  The weather can be cool, with the day usually warming into the 60's.  Also, it is advisable to bring a lunch, and a camp chair can be handy as well.  There is a $25 gas split if you ride with me. 

The deposit is 50% via check, Paypal, Venmo, or credit card, and the balance is due halfway between the deposit date and the safari date unless you are booking within 3 months, then full payment is due.  Check the main safari page for other info. Link 
I've spent my 40-year wildlife photography career shooting in the American West.  The first 24 years shooting out of Utah, the past 16 years out of California.  The photo safaris that I lead are all to the best locations, at the best times, during peak wildlife activity periods.  What a rush it has been.

Difficulty Level : Easy

Because of the desert environment around the springs, it is also possible to photograph snakes, lizards, and if the rains come, a myriad of wildflowers.

Dates : Tuesday, March 28  $250

Participants -
max of 5 clients.
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