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Over the years I've done this wildlife safari we have had some amazing encounters to photograph.  One year it was river otters and mink, another year it was bald eagles and pheasants, at other times ducks, tundra swans, and raptors.  Probably my favorite trip was a couple of years ago when we had dozens of encounters with the male northern harrier - the gray ghost - and got some great images. 

There is a broad mix of raptors - bald eagles, golden eagles, harriers, rough-legged hawks, pheasants, and falcons.  All the refuges we go to have good access, and good places to stay nearby.  The shooting can be very steady, and at times very fast - and this safari is an opportunity to really capture images of species that are difficult to photograph.
We drive up the day before, February 28, and stop at Sacramento NWR for a couple of laps around the refuge, then head up to Klamath if we are going there.  You can meetup at my house, or meet me at Sacramento NWR on the 28th, .  The hotels and food are all reasonably priced.  This is a cold weather safari so come prepared with warm boots, gloves, overcoat, etc.  

The deposit is 50% via check, Paypal, or credit card, and the balance is due halfway between the deposit date and the safari date unless you are booking within 3 months, then full payment is due.  Check the main safari page for other information.  Link 

This safari is 2 days long.

I've spent my 38-year wildlife photography career shooting in the American West.  The first 23 years shooting out of Utah, the past 15 years out of California.  With 1500 published photo credits, dozens of magazine covers and article, and a lifetime wandering the roads of the west, the photo safaris that I lead are all to the best locations, at the best times, during peak wildlife activity periods.  What a rush it has been.
Difficulty Level Dates

Easy  -  Some walking, mostly driving, and cold. Wednesday, March 1-2    $600
There are 4 possible refuges we could visit - Sacramento, Lower Klamath, Colusa, and Merced.  I will decide which refuges about a month before based on water levels and reported bird activity, though we will definitely shoot Sacramento NWR, and probably Merced.  Lower Klamath is great for pheasants, but water levels make it iffy sometimes. To be honest, this safari is a lot like Bosque del Apache, just not as overwhelming - I like to call it Bosque Light.  In the past we have had some unique encounters with river otters, mink, raccoons, striped skunks, and coyotes.
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