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Mineral King Safari (Sequoia NP)             Thursday, July 18   $150


In 2014 the National Park Service hired me to photograph the Mineral King area for future photo needs they would have.  I spent a number of days photographing this area in summer and during the fall color season.  The Coldwater Nature Trail runs right along the East Fork of the Kaweah River and gives great access for shooting wildflowers, river landscapes, and views to the mountains.  Songbirds fly along the river and the beauty of this little valley is really stunning.  There is some walking involved on uneven ground and trails, and above 7000 feet, but the photo safari does not climb the trails into the nearby mountains - we stay on the valley floor and along the river and waterfalls. This is an Explore! Safari.


We meet in Three Rivers at 6:00am and head up the road to Mineral King, photographing landscapes along the way.  Layered clothing, hats, and bug repellant are needed.  We take our lunches, and return to Three Rivers around 4pm.

Yellow-bellied Marmot

East Fork of the Kaweah River

Zerene Fritillary

California Wallflowers

View to Farewell Gap

Waterfall - East Fork of the Kaweah

East Fork of the Kaweah

East Fork of the Kaweah

View to Sawtooth Peak

Yellow-and-White Monkeyflower

View East from Lookout Point

Common Monkeyflower

Western Ash Berries

East Fork of the Kaweah River

View West from near Cabin Cove

Autumn Aspens in Mineral King Valley

Pika in the Granite Rocks

Seep in Mineral King

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