Tuesday, April 19, 2022   $200

This safari includes elephant seals in San Simeon, sea otters at Morro Bay, as well as Oso Flaco Lake.  On a tip from a friend, I did an Explore! Safari as well as a regular safari to Oso Flaco Lake and had tremendous success, both with songbirds and water birds.  The least bittern was the highlight of the trip for me, while on other dates friends had shot American bitterns, as well as Soras.  It was hard for me to even get to the lake with all the Wilson's Warblers and other songbirds along the trail.  This is certainly a great birding destination! On our way back we will check out Santa Margarita Lake for rushing grebes. In 2019 and 2020 we had some great success there.


We meet at my home at 5am for the ride over, or in Pismo Beach at 7:30am if that is closer - then drive out to the lake.  The weather can change so dress in layers, though we should have cool mornings and pleasant afternoons.  Light shooting gloves can make the photography much easier and more comfortable, especially carrying a tripod.

Difficulty Level:  EASY


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