Tuesday, December 21-22   $600

The Monterey to Carmel to Big Sur coastline is world class beautiful with hundreds of view points as possible landscape compositions.  There will be lots of different kinds of subjects to photograph - coastal landscapes like Point Sur and Bixby Bridge, the setting sun in Keyhole Rock at Pfeiffer State Beach, the crashing Pacific Ocean along the Soberanes headlands, Point Lobos, coastal wildlife like bobcats, madrone and fern groves, and other subjects of opportunity.  The weather can vary so dress with that in mind. 

Reservations    We meet in Monterey on Monday night, Dec 21 and finish Wednesday in the afternoon near San Simeon.  I've driven the roads and shot the coastline hundreds of times in the past - and every time it's different, and just as exciting as the first time I came. This safari is limited to 5 photographers.  To book a safari call me at 559-909-5208 or e-mail me at: BrentRPaull@hotmail.com.

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