American West Photo Safaris


Blossom Trail Safari

Saturday, February 15   $100 for everyone  

The Blossom Trail is known world-wide for the amazing orchard blossoms found between Kingsburg and Fresno, mostly east of Highway 99.  We start at 8:30am moving from orchard to orchard - shooting orchards, trees, and blossoms.  Bring a water spray bottle to a spritz to the blossoms to give them a fresh, morning dew look.  There might be dew anyway, but better to be able to make your own.  A macro lens is nice, but not essential.  This safari is a great beginner-to-intermediate level safari for photographer who want to work on understanding composition, exposure, and other camera features.  A tripod is nice, but also not necessary.  Layered clothing and light shooting gloves help with the cool morning.

Reservations    We meet in the Denny's parking lot, 801 Sierra St., in Kingsburg, right off of Highway 99. This safari is limited to 8 photographers.  To book this safari call me at 559-909-5208 or e-mail me at:


 You can register via PayPal, or register via any other Credit Card or by Check, please call me at 559-909-5208 for openings.


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