Monday, Dec 13-15   $750

This is one of the premier winter bird photography locations in North America.  Tens of thousands of Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes winter along this stretch of the Rio Grande River Valley in central New Mexico. Sunrise and sunset are spectacular, while during the mid-day the snow geese and cranes are doing constant fly-bys between the ponds and the corn fields.  Large flocks of ducks fill in the open water on the refuge's many ponds, while many types of raptors, including bald eagles, hunt from the cottonwoods.  This is the only safari where I have carded out (completely filled all my memory cards) by lunch time.

Reservations    If coming from California the first three photographers can ride with me, others can meet me in Socorro.  From my house in Tulare it is about a 13 hour drive - just an easy day.  We alternate buying gas for those riding with me and split hotel accommodations when possible. Reservations are at a local hotel in Socorro, NM, you pay upon check-in.  The cost per night is usually around $80/night, or half that if you split a room.  We meet in Socorro the night of Sunday, December 12. Warm boots, gloves, overcoat, etc are important as this location can get very cold. 

Image Albums and Videos:    
Bosque Blast Off     Geese Gallery     Sandhill Cranes Gallery

Difficulty Level:  EASY


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