American West Photography Safaris

Glacier National Park Safari

Monday, July 27-30  $1500  ($1200)


Glacier National Park is an amazing place.  From vast landscapes and lakes, to wildflowers and huckleberries, to birds and wildlife - Glacier is an important destination for an landscape/wildlife photographer who shoots in the American West.  This safari comes at the end of July for two reasons: 1) it is huckleberry season and every bird and bear loves to eat them.  Whole mountainsides are covered with the berry drawing a myriad of wildlife.  2) August begins fire season in this area of the northern Rockies into southwest Canada - and with fire season comes smoke - an enemy to most types of nature photography.

We spend each day in a different area of the park, and each morning at a peak spot in that area.  We shoot the east and west sides of Logan Pass, Many Glacier, and the Polebridge Road into northwestern Glacier and Kintla and Bowman Lakes.  Waterfalls and creeks filled with glacier milk turn the water a lime green as it rushes down the canyons. Dozens of species of wildflowers attract numerous butterflies and birds - as do the dozen or more species of berry bushes that covers the mountainsides.  The photography generally runs about 60% percent landscapes and 40% wildlife - but that can change minute to minute as we explore the park.  This safari is limited to 3 photographers riding with me on the safari. Parking can be extremely difficult so we keep the vehicles to just my truck.


If you don't drive with me, we meet in Columbia Falls, Montana just outside the southwest entrance to Glacier, just north of Kalispell on Sunday night, July 26. While fairly warm during the day, the weather can change quickly - with mornings being quite cold - so layered clothing and shooting gloves, boots, a hat - are a must to stay comfortable.

Bear Grass

Mt. Oberlin

Swiftcurrent Lake

Grizzly Cub eating Huckleberries

Whitetail Fawns

Grizzly Bear Sow

Fireweed Meadow

Rocky Mountain Goat

Boar Grizzly Bear

Logan Pass Peaks

Daring Creek

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep


Displaying Spruce Grouse


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