American West Photography Safaris

Channel Island Gray Fox Safari

Monday, March 2   $150

These little, and I mean little, Channel Island Gray Foxes are just fun to photograph. They look like the common gray foxes we typically see in California and the west - but just about half the size. We take the Island Packers ferry out of Ventura Harbor in the morning to the Scorpion camping area on Santa Cruz Island.  Bring water and a lunch for the day. While in 2019 I shot with my 70-200, a 100-400 would work as well without all the weight.  It is an easy safari physically, plus plenty of benches and places to sit in the shade and relax between the numerous encounters.  We saw/photographed about 25 foxes last March.  On the ferry ride out and back to Santa Cruz Island we saw numerous white-sided dolphins and gray whales.


You call Island Packers and make a reservation for the trip out and back. We usually get back around 5pm or so. In 2018 the ferry ticket was $59. We meet at Ventura Harbor at 8:30am for the 9am ferry ride, departing at 3:30pm. 






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