Tuesday, April 26-28, 2022   $500             Tuesday, May 3-5, 2022   $500

There is no better songbird safari in California than this Morongo Valley Bird Safari.  My record here is 48 species in one day - everything from tanagers, bluebirds, flycatchers, grosbeaks, kingbirds, hawks, falcons, owls, thrashers, goldfinches, hummingbirds, wrens - and so many more.  The areas that we shoot have an amazing variety of songbirds - all nesting, all active, and many of them insectivores that stay active after it warms up to feast on the rising bugs during the day. We take advantage of the mating, feeding, and bonding activity.  The mornings and days are comfortable, but can warm up in the afternoon - so a hat, sunscreen, lipbalm, etc are needed.  This safari is limited to 6 photographers.

Reservations   For those who don't ride with me, we meet in Yucca Valley, CA - just a few miles from Morongo Valley on Tuesday morning, April 26 or on Tuesday, May 3 at the Travelodge Office parking area.  This safari also includes shooting on Thursday morning, April 28 and Thursday morning, May 5.  I usually shoot through 10-10:30am or so. 

Difficulty Level:  EASY


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