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Northern Pygmy Owl Safaris

Saturday, Jan 18    $200  

These beautiful little owls are found in the same oak woodlands as the bobcats I photograph so often, though mostly on the east side of the San Joaquin Valley.  The owls are active hunters in the daytime, and so we are actively searching for them.  I haven't photographed any earlier than about 9am, or later than 4pm.  Like all animal specific safaris I do there is always a chance we won't find the owl, but we will photograph all the wildlife we find while searching for them.  There are bobcats, raptors, and lots of songbirds in the same areas we will search for the owls in.

Reservations   We meet at my house or in Visalia at 8am and head east into the foothills, returning around 4-4:30pm.  We stop for lunch around noon at a cafe.  Layered clothing and shooting gloves will help you be comfortable if its chilly.  Bring your longest lens and a solid tripod to shoot from.  This safari is limited to 3 photographers.  To book a safari call me at 559-909-5208 or e-mail me at:


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