American West Photography Safaris

San Juan Mtns (Colorado) Autumn Safari

Monday, Sep 28-Oct 2, 2020   $1875  ($1500)  


For those not traveling with me we usually meetup in Glenwood Springs, along Interstate 70. If you intend to fly-in to the safari or back from it, I would suggest Grand Junction, CO as the arrival/departure airport, both for the price and car rentals. Weather is usually cool, but can change suddenly, so I suggest typical fall high elevation clothing: gloves, knit hat, cold weather coat, thermal underwear, boots, etc.  We begin by shooting Maroon Bells, before traveling to the Crystal Mill, then southwest to the San Juan Mountains around Telluride and Ouray. We spend time exploring many of the well-maintained dirt roads into the national forests as well as shooting the iconic Red Mountain Mining District between Ouray and Silverton - see the galleries below.  This safari is limited to 7 photographers.

There is an additional 10% discount off this safari if you book the Yellowstone Autumn Wildlife Safari (LINK) from October 4 to October 8 as well. The additional 10% off applies to both safaris.

Image Album Links :      San Juan Mtn Gallery         Colorado Mine Buildings          Colorado VIDEO

Delores River

Maroon Bells

Landscape View

Aspen / Fern Grove


Missionary Ridge near Durango

Landscape view from Hwy 550

Crystal Lake near Silverton

Maroon Bells

Crystal Mill

Huge Muley Buck near Cortez

Crystal Mill

Mother Lynx near Telluride

Lynx Kitten near Telluride

Mother Lynx near Telluride

McClure Pass View

County Road Landscape

County Road Landscape
Double RL Ranch Hayfields

Mt. Wilson

Old Fence on Last Dollar Road

Old Mine Building

Old Mine Building

Yankee Girl Mine Ruins

San Miguel Peak

Mountain of Aspen near Silverton

Old Rusted Truck

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