Monday, May 10-15   $2250

(the photo above is a Yellowstone Red Fox ... I had to put something)

I'm excited about adding this safari to my 2021 schedule.  We will meetup in Crescent City, CA on Highway 1 on Sunday night, May 9.  We will travel north photographing the Oregon and Washington Coasts, particularly wildlife/landscape spots along the way - then take the ferry out to San Juan Island on the afternoon of May 11, spend 2 days photographing the melanistic red foxes (black morph), then travel south shooting locations we passed by on the way north.  There is also the possibility of doing an Orca Shoot out in Puget Sound during one of those days.  This will be an adventure, traveling to new locations and photographing new animals.  I had a client who shot these location and foxes and provided me with an amazing amount of information.

Reservations   Like all shoots along the Pacific coast, layered clothing is a must, as is a rain jacket, hat, etc.  This initial safari is limited to my vehicle (3 photographers plus me), plus 1 vehicle following.  As the date gets closer I will add the locations along the way that we will shoot.  Let me know if you want a room alone or are willing to split a room at night. We should be back to my house on May 16.

Difficulty Level:  EASY  (but lots of driving)                       These photos are waiting to be taken.........


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