American West Photo Safaris


Sequoia Wildflowers/Butterflies Safari

Tuesday, July 21   $200 for everyone  

When I think of Sequoia I think of black bears and giant sequoia trees ... but there is much more there than that.  The butterflies, songbirds, and wildflowers that call Sequoia National Park home make beautiful subjects all by themselves.  Like jewels hidden among the meadows and forests, these subjects are their to photograph if you look for them.  I look for them.  If we happen to see black bears we will photograph them as well, but primarily we will be looking for these subjects.

Reservations    We meet at 5am in Tulare, or 6am in Three Rivers - depending upon where you stay if you come the night before. We walk into many of the same meadows we look for bears in.  At this time of the year the wildflowers are peaking, and the bird activity is at its zenith. This safari is limited to 5 photographers.  To book a safari call me at 559-909-5208 or e-mail me at:


 You can register via PayPal, or register via any other Credit Card or by Check, please call me at 559-909-5208 for openings.


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