Monday, February 7   $200

Winter safaris in Sequoia are an opportunity to photograph the largest trees in the world when snow blankets the forest floors and creates an other-worldly mix of light and shadows.  The bright red trunks of the sequoia stand out amid the snow-covered boughs of the pines.  The harsher the winter the better the photography.  If you own snow shoes - bring them.  Some years it is easy to cross the snow in regular boots, other years deeper snows require snow shoes to get off the road very far.  While a tripod works great in thin snow and from the road, a mono-pod works better in deep snow.  We traverse the areas close to the road, shooting into the groves of sequoias and looking better compositional angles.


We can meet at my home, or in Three Rivers (near the park entrance) if you decide to stay there.  We usually finish up around 2pm.  The winter months will be very cool to very cold, so dress accordingly - boots, gloves, warm hat, and thermal layers.  Snow shoes can be rented from some sports equipment stores. 

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