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Yellowstone/Grand Teton Fall Wildlife Safari        Monday, Sep 30 - Oct 4   $1500   ($1200)


When I first started my career in wildlife photography photography in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in autumn was my number one safari.  The elk rutting season echoes through the pine forests and across the meadows as the big bulls compete with each other - bugling, fighting, and success breeding the cows.  The most aggressive bulls are the most successful - gathering harems of cows and defending them from the numerous satellite bulls that circled, waiting for their chance to drive out a cow.

There are so many amazing subjects in the world's first national park.  Established in 1872 Yellowstone was restored to a complete ecosystem when gray wolves were re-introduced to the park after having been trapped and hunted out almost 100 years previous.  This has resulted in the overpopulation of elk being trimmed back, the extra meat on the ground from wolf-killed elk providing food for the bears.  Bear birthrates rose, while at the same time the coyote population was reduced ... they were no longer the top dog.  Red fox populations have also risen.  The entire ecosystem has improved in both quality and numbers.  Over the 35 years I've shot in the park I've been privileged to have seen it all - and each year wildlife photography in the park has improved. The days are exciting as we travel through the park going from encounter to encounter. 

I am an authorized and licensed Yellowstone National Park Tour Guide and have shot over 900 days in the park.


We meet in Gardiner, Montana just north of Mammoth Hot Springs and Yellowstone, on Sunday night, September 29. On Wednesday, October 2 we will travel down to Jackson Hole for the Grand Teton part of the safari, finishing on Friday, October 4. These are very full
days of shooting.

Hunting Great Gray Owl

Yearling Grizzly Cub

Grizzly Sow

Gray Wolf Mom and Pup

Gray Wolf with Elk Rib

Gray Wolf with Elk Leg

Black Bear Sow

Hunting Red Fox

Great Gray Owl

Color on the Oxbow and Mt. Moran

Sunrise at the Oxbow

Sunrise at Schwabacher's Landing

Bighorn Ram at Sunset


Buck Pronghorn with Harem

Bighorn Ram

Mousing Coyote

Grizzly Sow

Bugling Bull Elk in Fall Snow

Hunting Great Gray Owl

Coyote at Sunrise

Black Bear eating Hawthorne Berries

Landscape near the Moulton Barn

Relic Falls

Boar Black Bear

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