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When I first started my career in wildlife photography I shot primarily in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in autumn - this was my number one safari.  The elk rutting season echoes through the pine forests and across the meadows as the big bulls compete with each other - bugling and fighting -  to gain success in gathering harems of cows.  Many hunting and nature magazines sought out the best of these images.   

Over the 38 years I've shot in the park I've been privileged to have seen it all - and each year wildlife photography in the park has improved. With fall colors blazing in the Tetons we will also shoot many of its iconic landmarks, such as - The Oxbow, Mormon Row Barns, Schwabacher's Landing ponds, Moose-Wilson Road, etc.  I am an authorized and licensed Yellowstone National Park Tour Guide.
For those not traveling with me, we meet in Gardiner, Montana just outside the northwest entrance to Yellowstone, just north of Mammoth Hot Springs, about 75 miles southeast of Bozeman.  I expect every type of weather during these safari days: snow and rain storms, wind, clouds, and severe clear, blue sky days. While temperatures vary, typically the days warm into the 50's or low 60's. 

The deposit is 50% via check, Paypal, or credit card, and the balance is due halfway between the deposit date and the safari date unless you are booking within 3 months, then full payment is due.  Check the main safari page for other information.  Link 

This safari is 5 days long, with the final two days in the Grand Tetons.

I've spent a large part of my 38-year wildlife photography career shooting in Yellowstone - with total days approaching 1800.  To be honest, I've lost track of the number of safaris I've led to just Yellowstone and the Tetons, but several hundred at least.  I mention this because experience in the park is vital to a successful safari, no matter the weather, or situation.
Difficulty Level Dates

Mostly EASY  -  Short hikes, and some walking. Monday, September 25 - 29  $1750  There is a 20% discount if you do the Glacier Park Safari.  Link
The days are long, with sunrise about 6:15 am each morning.  Some days we will take a 2-hour mid-day break - and on those days we will stay out until dusk, while on others we will come in at 5pm for an earlier night.  I try to arrange regular meals throughout the park, but carrying some snacks to tie you over is always a good idea.  I will have cases of water available to everyone, so no need for that. I have hotel reservations in hand in both Gardiner and Jackson, you are welcome to use one of mine, or, if you have points at some hotels, feel free to book your own nights.
Bonus Safari Discount

Because the Glacier Park Safari runs the week before, there is a 20% discount if you do both safaris,  If you fly into Salt Lake City I can pick you up.

Yellowstone Safari Video - Link

Participants - maximum of 6 photographers.

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