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Sequoia Wildlife Safari               Wednesday, September 5th and 17th  $250  ($200)

Every fall in Sequoia National Park I see acres of ripe wild berries (currents, chokecherries, elderberries, gooseberry, etc) and lots of black bears.  Not only do I regularly seen and photographed the black bears, but mule deer bucks, raptors, bobcats, and songbirds as well.  We will also shoot landscapes, butterflies and other macro subjects that come along during the day as well. It's a shoot-everything-that-looks-good day of photography.


We meet in Visalia or Three Rivers, CA at 6am.  The weather can still be cool in the mornings so layered clothing is important.  Some mosquitoes might be around so non-deet bug spray could help.  DEET bug spray can damage the plastic parts of your camera or the vehicle interior - so non-deet spray or wipes is the way to go.  There is a gas split of $20 if you are riding with me.  A tripod is a must need item.



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