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Southern Utah Spring Safari                        Wednesday, May 15-18   $1200  ($960)

Southern Utah is one of the premier photo locations in all the world.  From St. George we shoot the Beaver Dam Mountains and Snow Canyon State Park.  A little farther east are the birds at Leeds Creek and Gooseberry Mesa, and just past those spots are Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, and the amazing Tuweep Overlook at the extreme southwestern edge of Grand Canyon National Park - there is Sidestep Canyon in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and a bit farther east is Monument Valley.  Each location offers something different and unique.  The days will be full of great photography. Not only is this area known for its dramatic landscapes, but also for the varied wildlife, cactus, and wildflowers that are found here in the spring. There is some walking, but very little hiking.


We meet in Hurricane, Utah or travel together from California.  Hotel costs are low and there are good restaurants throughout the area.  This country is known for its changing weather, so layered clothing, snacks, and extra drinks are always good to have on hand in your vehicle if you aren't riding with me.

Rock Formations - Sidestep Cyn

Checkerboard Mesa

Lupine Butterfly

Twisted Pine Landscape - Zion

Grand Canyon Rattlesnake

Mariposa Lilly and Agave

Sidestep Canyon Landscape

Mariposa Lily and Paintbrush

Fledgling Great Horned Owl

Palmer's Penstemon

Pine Valley Mtn from Sand Mtn

Navajo Trail - Bryce Canyo NP

Queen's Garden - Bryce Canyon

Dunes - Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Refrigerator Canyon

Gopher Snake

Gray Fox in Zion Canyon

Evening Primrose

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

View from Tuweep

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