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San Juan Mountains (CO) Autumn Color Safari          Tuesday, Sep 25-29    $1250  ($1000)


In past years the autumn colors couldn't have been better, or the weather milder.  Crisp mornings melted to cool days as we traveled on well maintained forest service roads off highways 145 and 550 to view awesome displays of aspen and maple colors.  We spend time in Mesa Verde National Park photographing the Pueblo Indian ruins and wildlife.

For the first day we travel from Cortez to the west side of the San Juan Mtns including Telluride, while on the second day we travel the east side to Ouray. Off of Hwy 145 are roads leading up into the Lizard Head Wilderness Area with dramatic views of the San Juan Mountains.  It was difficult to not stop at every turn-out or go up every dirt road. We shoot around Telluride, Rico, Ophir, and Delores. Off of Hwy 550 is the Red Mountain Mining District, an area of amazing color and covered with mining ruins and old equipment.  This area brings you back to turn-of-the-century life, and how difficult it must have been.  We shoot around Silverton, Ouray, and along the Million Dollar Highway.  On the third day we travel through the northern San Juan Mountains, eventually spending the night in Glenwood Springs - which sets us up for a final day shoot to the famous Crystal Mill, and the Crystal River area near Marble.


We meet in Cortez, Colorado on Monday, September 24th.  If you are coming from California there is a chance you can travel with me and lower your travel costs, if you book soon enough.  Weather is usually cool, but can change suddenly, so I suggest typical fall high elevation clothing: gloves, knit hat, cold weather coat, thermal underwear, boots, etc.   There is an additional 10% discount off this safari if you book the Yellowstone Autumn Safari from Sep 21-23 as well.

Image Albums

Here are links to Image Albums and a Colorado Safari Video:  San Juan Mtn Gallery     VIDEO  

At about 9,000 feet in the San Juan's

Mesa Verde National Park

View from Highway 550

Mt. Wilson - San Juan's

View from Last Dollar Road

McClure Pass Backroad

Mesa Verde National Park

View from Highway 550

Lime Creek Road

Wild Horse in Mesa Verde NP

Lynx mother near Telluride

Lynx mother and kitten

Buck Mule Deer in Mesa Verde

View along Highway 550

View from Forest Service Road

San Juan Mountains

Yankee Girl Mine Ruins

Congress Mine Ruins

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