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Yosemite Autumn Colors                     Thursday, October 11th    $250  ($200)


Merced River Landscape

Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley Landscape
Like so many magnificent locations, Yosemite's character changes as the seasons change.  With the park creeping towards its winter hibernation, the fall colors come and go quickly, usually in just over a week or two. 

The ferns turn to gold and the many varieties of shrubs and trees in Yosemite Canyon begin to turn as well.  The slow moving Merced River reflects the color upward and the cold hard tones of the park's granite monoliths seem to warm up.  There is some red, and yellow, and orange, but its the gold tones along the river that really beg to be photographed.

We spend most of our time down along the Merced River or on the canyon floor looking for the right reflections, the right color, and the right composition to capture the perfect autumn image.  You should have polarizing filters for all your landscape lenses on this safari.


We meet in Oakhurst on Hwy 41 at 7:30am and travel up to Yosemite Valley.  We stop and shoot the sequoias of the Mariposa Grove first, then move on to Yosemite Canyon.  We stop for lunch mid-day.

There is also a Twilight/Star Fields safari in Yosemite tonight.  If you do both there is a 30% discount on each safari.

Autumn Leaves

Merced River Landscape

Autumn Waterfall

El Capitan and rising storm clouds 

Mariposa Grove Sequoias 

Autumn Color reflections along the Merced River

Autumn Ferns on the floor of Yosemite Valley

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