Elk-1       Elk-2       Bighorn Sheep   Grizzlies-1       Grizzlies-2       Grizzlies-3
Mule Deer-1       MuleDeer-2       White-tailed Deer Gray Wolves-1       Gray Wolves-2       Lynx and Lions
Moose       Bison       Pronghorn Coyote-1       Coyote-2       Badgers
Horses and Burros       Small Mammals Black Bear-1       BlackBear-2       BlackBear-3
Rocky Mountain Goats Bobcat-1       Bobcat-2       Bobcat-3
Rabbits and Pika Red Fox-1       Red Fox-2       Gray Fox
Butterflies       Skippers and Moths       Insects Desert Kit Fox       San Joaquin Kit Fox
Other Predators       Reptiles Seals       Channel Island Gray Fox
River Otters       Sea Otters Elephant Seals       Weasels


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