day, May 1-3    $1400

This safari is a first for me.  After spending decades hearing about the amazing warbler photography that is possible, and knowing that I can never shoot more warblers than about 15 in the west, and that there are 35 types of warblers I've never shot at this location - I'm excited to make a run at these amazing birds.  We fly into Toledo, Ohio, and I plan on renting a vehicle once there.  Magee Marsh is known far and wide, so hand-holding might be a tremendous advantage while shooting, plus I think a tripod amidst the other photographers might just be too unwieldy.

All the warbler photos on this page are from the west, but I will replace these with the warblers I get at Magee Marsh next year.  The warblers shown above are the MacGillivray's warbler, Wilson's warbler, Yellow warbler, Townsend's warbler, Black-throated gray warbler, and Hermit warbler.  The warbler shown below is the Yellow-rumped warbler.

Here are just a few I want to shoot at Magee Marsh: Prothonotary warbler, Magnolia warbler, Kirtland's warbler, Blackburnian warbler, Bay-breasted warbler, Scarlet tanager, Baltimore oriole, Mourning warbler, Cape May warbler, Black-throated Green warbler, Chestnut-sided warbler, Black-throated Blue warbler - and so many more.  I would take a dozen in 2023, and a different dozen in 2024.

Reservations   Plan on flying into Toledo on Sunday, April 30.  I have not selected the hotel location yet, but that is coming.  We will shoot through Wednesday at lunch, then head out - so the return flight can be the evening of May 3.  As with all the safaris, we will split the cost of local travel.  I expect moderate weather.  We will do some walking on trails and boardwalks, but nothing lengthy.

Difficulty Level:  EASY

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