California Poppies mixed with Goldfields with Tehachapi Mtns in the Background | California Poppy and Wildflower Safari

California Poppy and Wildflower Safari: Antelope Valley and the southern Sierras

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We spend the morning shooting in Antelope Valley, northwest of Lancaster.  We don't shoot the California Poppy Preserve, but we do shoot some of the areas around it.  There are a number of other wildflowers growing as well, and my policy is to photograph everything that looks good - so we won't pass up anything.  Also, there could be opportunities to photograph birds, snakes, and bobcats.  We usually have lunch in

Afternoon will find us either up in the southern Sierras east of Highway 58, or in other local hotspots nearby.  The image below of the Baby Blue Eyes was taken on a Poppy Safari up in the southern Sierras.  The Antelope Valley is very close to the southern Sierras we travel to.

We can meet at my home if you are coming from the north, or on the road next to the Poppy Preserve (not inside where you have to pay to park).  We stop for lunch around 11:30am, and usually finish up near the end of the day.  It can be cool in the morning, but is usually pretty nice once the morning wind dies down.

The deposit is 50% via check, Paypal, Venmo, or credit card, and the balance is due halfway between the deposit date and the safari date unless you are booking within 3 months, then full payment is due.  Check the main safari page for other information.  Spouses can ride along at no charge, but you must have your own vehicle.  Link 
I've spent my 40-year wildlife photography career shooting in the American West.  The first 24 years shooting out of Utah, the past 16 years out of California.  The photo safaris that I lead are all to the best locations, at the best times, during peak wildlife activity periods.  What a rush it has been!

Difficulty Level : Medium

We do some walking after parking the vehicles, not very far.  I would wear boots and long pants, and a hat.  A kneeling pad (gardening pad or knee pads) helps.

Dates : Thursday, April 4    $250

Participants -
max of 6 clients.
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