$350   1-Day Safaris:

 Nov 21,  Jan 9,  Mar 6

   $675   2-Day Safaris:

 Oct 24-25,  Nov 14-15,  Nov 28-29,  Dec 20-21,  Dec 29-30,  Jan 24-25, Mar 13-14

You do need a lens at least 200mm in length, either a zoom or telephoto.  This is a classic wildlife chase safari where we travel throughout the area that has a high density of bobcats and raptors.  There are no guarantees, but a high probability of success in capturing this most elusive of California's feline predators. In November of 2015 we had a 16 bobcat day, photographing 12.  In January 2019 we had a 12 bobcat day, photographing 10.  So there are big bobcat days out there, while the raptors are much easier. These bobcats live in rolling oak woodlands between Interstate 5 and Highway 101 - in some of the finest ranching country in California. Typically, we see 2-3 bobcats per day, and a dozen or more raptors - red-shouldered hawks, ferruginous hawks, bald and golden eagles, a variety of falcons, great horned owls, barn owls, and burrowing owls.

These safaris generally sell-out, so booking early for your optimum date is important.  Additional dates will be added.  We shoot from my 4-door F-150 4x4 Super Crew Cab truck, exiting to tripod up if a bobcat runs up a tree.  There is no place in North America where you can see this high number of bobcats, consistently, and capture the types of images that we have captured during these safaris.

Reservations    We meet at 6:30am (which can vary by the month of the year) at the Harris Ranch Intersection Chevron Station, or at the hotel lobby you might be at the night before - at Highway 198 and Interstate 5.  Unless you live within an hour or two I would advise getting a hotel room the night before. (Best Western, Travelodge, and Motel 6, as well as the more expensive Harris Ranch Motel).  We do split gas, which amounts to $40/per photographer, per day.  We return to Harris Ranch between 5pm and 6pm at the end of each safari day.

Bobcat Video: 
VIDEO      Bobcat Albums:  Gallery 1     Gallery 2     Gallery 3

Difficulty Level:  EASY


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