Wednesday, May 10-12, 2023   $1400

I'm excited about adding this safari to my 2023 schedule.  I just got back from shooting this safari with my wife and we had amazing results, it was a truly remarkable experience.  For those riding with me from California we leave on Monday and get on the island late Tuesday afternoon.  We shoot some then if possible, then all day on Wednesday, May 10 and Thursday May 11,.  We shoot the morning of May 13 before heading back to the ferry for the ride back to the mainland, and the trip home.  The hotels are reasonable if splitting a room, with the food costs slightly higher than average for my safaris.  Those riding with me alternate tanks of gas, keeping travel costs as low as possible.  If you want to meet up with me, the meetup location is Anacortes, WA north of Seattle on Tuesday, May 9, or on the island.  San Juan Island is accessed via ferry from Anacortes, WA.  There is a large population of melanistic (black) red foxes on the island, and as you can see from the photos - we are primarily interested in photographing their dens, but we don't pass up the regular red foxes either.

Reservations   Like all shoots along the Pacific coast, layered clothing is a must, as is a rain jacket, hat, boots, etc.  This initial safari is limited to my vehicle (3 photographers plus me), plus 2 other vehicles following.  Let me know if you want a room alone or are willing to split a room at night. We should be back to my house no later than mid-day May 13.  A camp stool to sit in makes the wait between moments more comfortable - so bring one, as well as rain clothing and camera rain coverings just in case.

Difficulty Level:  EASY  (some walking, but lots of driving to and from)       Link to 2021 Video of Safari                   


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