Tuesday, February 14-15, 2023    $500

Winter brings a large population of bald eagles and raptors to Farmington Bay WMA along the Great Salt Lake in northern Utah.  On one of my first safaris there I counted 172 bald eagles...wow.  Since that time Farmington Bay has become a must shoot winter location for wildlife and bird photographers. Utah's winters are cold, forcing many raptors and owls to hunt in the daytime.  This gives us a chance to photograph birds like short-eared owls, barn owls, northern harriers, American kestrels, rough-legged hawks, and many others that hunt the refuge.

Besides Farmington Bay we also photograph three other prime wildlife areas in northern Utah.  We travel to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake where species such as Chukars, pronghorn antelope, bison, mule deer, great horned owls, bighorn sheep, and coyotes roam the island.  We also go to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge to photograph many other migrating birds, such as tundra swans, ducks and geese, striped skunks, and raccoons.  It's a busy three days. In 2019 we shot hundreds of bald eagles, ermine, barn owls, etc.  This safari is limited to 6 photographers.

As a unique bonus, if you do the Yellowstone-Teton Winter Wildlife Safari (Feb 6-13 LINK to YNP-GTNP Winter Wildlife Safari) you can do the Utah Raptors Safari for FREE.

Reservations   We meet in Woods Cross, Utah, just five miles north of Salt Lake City on I-15 on Saturday night.  Local hotel accommodations and restaurants are relatively inexpensive and I generally stay at the Comfort Inn in Woods Cross, just outside Salt Lake City.  Up to three other photographers can ride with me from California if you are doing the Yellowstone Winter Safari.  Driving is easy and doesn't require 4 wheel-drive.

Difficulty Level:  EASY


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