day, October 31 - November 3    $1500

Last year we hit the motherlode of color, shooting on the peak color day for the Rocky Mountain Maple trees.  It lasted exactly one day, and the next day the ground began to be covered with rocky mountain maple leaves with every gust of wind and rain.  But, it was a great day to be out shooting.  Golden cottonwood trees along the Virgin River both inside and outside the park, as well as Gambel's Oak, and Ash trees add color to monumental vistas and landscapes that are in and around the park.  I lived in St. George for 5 years and know every back road and scenic vantage point in this southern Utah area. This safari is a mix of landscapes and wildlife, with desert bighorn sheep always showing up.

While we always shoot in southern Utah, depending on timing and weather, we will also photograph Bryce Canyon as well as local areas such as Gooseberry Mesa, Snow Canyon State Park, and the Virgin River bottoms.  We will also shoot in Monument Valley.


We meet in Hurricane, Utah near Zion National Park. The weather can change so dress in layers, though we should have cool mornings and pleasant afternoons.  Light shooting gloves as well as gardening knee pads can make photography much easier and more comfortable on the sandstone rocks. Hotels and food are very reasonable.  If you don't want a room split, let me know when you book.

Difficulty Level:  EASY

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