Sunday, April 2, 2023      $300

I've never had a bad day of photography shooting these great locations in southern California.  We will have opportunities to photograph shore and wading birds - like dowitchers, sandpipers, terns, rails, egrets, and willets; and many duck species - like wigeons, teal, scooters, mergansers, ruddy ducks; and raptors - like osprey, falcons, and Cooper's hawks; and songbirds - like pin-tailed wayduhs, orange bishops, and many others.  Traveling from one spot to another, we will be able to concentrate on the areas with the most active birds.  It is just a great day of bird photography.  This safari is limited to 6 photographers.

Reservations   This safari is a bird extravaganza!  We meet at 7:30am at the Pt. Fermin Lighthouse in San Pedro for the adult peregrine falcons (the 405, to west on the 110, the 110 turns into Gaffey, Gaffey dead-ends at the Lighthouse).  I will e-mail you a map so you know exactly where to go.  We also shoot Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve and the Huntington City Library-Park Complex, and possibly the Newport Beach Backbay, and the San Joaquin Wildlife Center in Irvine.  We usually finish around 2-2:30pm so we can beat at least some of the traffic home.

Difficulty Level:  EASY


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