A Great Gray Owl hovers above potential prey | Yellowstone-Tetons Fall Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Photography is about behavior and interaction: Yellowstone Delivers Both

Safari Information Reservations Guide: Brent Paull
When I first started my career in wildlife photography I shot primarily in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons in autumn - this was my primary safari.  The elk rutting season echoes through the pine forests and across the meadows as the big bulls compete with each other - bugling and fighting -  to gain success in gathering harems of cows.

With fall colors blazing in the Tetons we will also shoot many of its iconic landmarks, such as - The Oxbow, Mormon Row Barns, Schwabacher's Landing ponds, Moose-Wilson Road, etc. 

I am a licensed guide in Yellowstone.
For those not traveling with me, we meet in Gardiner, Montana just outside Yellowstone. I expect every type of weather during these safari days: snow and rain storms, wind, clouds, and severe clear, blue sky days. Typically the days warm into the 50's or low 60's. 

The deposit is 50% via check, Paypal, Venmo, or credit card, and the balance is due halfway between the deposit date and the safari date unless you are booking within 3 months, then full payment is due.  Check the main safari page for other info.  Link   
I've spent my 40-year wildlife photography career shooting in the American West.  The first 24 years shooting out of Utah, the past 16 years out of California.  I lead safaris  to the best locations, at the best times, during peak wildlife activity periods.  What a rush it has been.


Difficulty Level : EASY

Some days we will take a 2-hour mid-day break - and on those days we will stay out until dusk, while on others we will come in at 5pm for an earlier night.

Dates : Monday, Sep 23-28  $2400 

Participants - max of 6 clients.
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